Millions Fail To Get Appropriate Travel Insurance Cover

If you’re thinking about planning that all important get away, or have already done so, don’t overlook getting the correct insurance cover.

Our expert travel insurance advisers here at Gomm Insurance, spend a lot of time and effort ensuring you have the required cover to meet your travel needs. Our aim is to make sure you can travel with confidence, peace of mind and enjoy your holiday. So it’s quite surprising to read statistics on how many people fail to get holiday insurance cover.

It’s uncomfortable to think about things going wrong. The truth is, accidents and illness do happen. The results of which can leave people with expenses amounting to thousands of pounds and more in some circumstances. According to the Association Of British Travel Agents 22% of people from May 2017- May 2018, travelled abroad without any insurance cover. This leaves them in a vulnerable position when things go wrong, especially in the event of an accident or emergency.

Not having cover can ruin a holiday and in some cases create financial hardship and stress.  At the same time having inadequate cover can also create problems. In fact it’s as bad as not having any insurance at all!  ABTA also suggested in their report that 27% of people carried out leisure activities they weren’t covered for.

The main reasons for travelling uninsured:

  • EHIC  – Some people think they are covered by an EHIC and don’t need insurance that covers medical expenses. EHIC only provides cover in a European Economic Area and the cover provided is dependent on the individual healthcare terms of the country you are visiting. Some provide it free, others charge an excess.

          Find out more about EHIC and post Brexit information here 

    • Pre existing medical conditions – Leaving out medical conditions can result in the insurance being void.
    • Cost – Some travellers believe travel insurance to be too expensive and don’t want to pay for something that in reality, is relatively cost effective.
    • Unnecessary – Some people feel  it unnecessary to have travel insurance and have possibly not assessed the true risk involved.
  • Riskier holiday activities not insured – Holiday activities that have extra risks involved need a higher level of cover and will not always be included in your normal cover.

It’s always comforting to have someone to talk to, who can provide advice and assistance when things go wrong. Taking the time to get the correct cover and have that extra peace of mind is so beneficial, enabling you to relax and enjoy your travels.  Here at Gomm we get to understand your specific needs, so that our experts can provide bespoke insurance packages, tailored to your individual circumstances and travel requirements.

Our wide variety of travel insurance covers include:

    • Single trip cover
    • Annual multi trip cover
    • Curtailment
    • Winter sports including ski equipment
    • Family and group travel
    • Student backpacking and long stay
    • High risk activities
  • Cover for pre-existing medical conditions

We always have experts on hand who can offer assistance. If you would like to know more, get a quote, or to simply discuss what’s available to you, then please get in touch.

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